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Seeding the Next Generation of Cannabis and Hemp Entrepreneurs

Your direct access to deal flow or raising funds

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New to Tress Deals?

Tress Capital receives many opportunities to evaluate business plans but can only spend time on a few scenarios that meet our specific investment criteria.  So instead of saying NO, we want to provide both the investor and the new business opportunity to create a dialogue that says YES.

Takes a Community

We partner with a group of select investors and integration partners to provide the best possible scenario for success.

TressDeals is a debt and equity crowdfunding platform focused on the cannabis and hemp industries. This tool will enable companies that are both start-ups and mature organizations to raise funds.  TressDeals allows a company to confidentially and professionally share their business plan with their family, friends as well as attract potential new investors not in your circle of influence.  See how this works best for you. 

Software and Consulting Partners



Raise Capital


Ready-to-use dashboard branded with your own logo, pitch deck, financials and videos that provides a professional environment for your organization to raise capital.

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